ENGLISH ESSAY: Annoyance (Tolerable No More)

For all of my life, my few close friends always would come up to me to have a shoulder to lean on, to ask for advices whether they would be on their love lives, personal and academic problems, or just simply narrate to me what happened during their day. They always have trusted me and confided me with their deepest secrets to the point where they feel like we’re almost like family already. Sometimes they say that they like talking to me more than to anybody else. That I’m a person they easily get comfortable with.

But I think they get a little too comfortable though, in my opinion.

I appreciate the fact that they find me a trust-worthy friend to come to in times of trouble; but I just wish they won’t have to be too reliant on me and expect me to shoulder half the burden they carry.

It really gets annoying when somebody becomes too dependent on you and expect you to focus your whole attention on them as if they were your responsibility as well without taking into consideration that you have a life (with many problems as well) of your own. Especially when they give you too much drama too hot to handle and become obsessive-compulsive: it becomes evident and a sure sign that they have to be told off.

Usually when I’ve had it, I would advise them to try to start working on their own problems by themselves. I’d try to put a bit of space then in between (as I’m temporarily socially claustrophobic as of then on). My sub-consciousness calls out, “I need my air, and you’re choking me.” I respond to it and leave it all to my friends to take the hint.

As hurtful and evil as it sounds, if you have any concern for yourself, you’ll act upon it. You will just be needing tact and careful planning of words to relay the message you want to deliver. Easier said than done; but it has to be when you’re dreading another peer-to-peer session with your oh-so “emo” friend.


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