Wake Up Call

Upon waking this morning, I did my usual weighing. Now, I haven’t weighed myself for a couple of days before because I’m always in a hurry or forgetting…

Anyway, when I stepped on the scale, I was more or less 10 POUNDS heavier than before!!! I had to go up and check on a different scale and it still turned out the same weight!

I began to get nervous and kept staring at my waist in the mirror wishing I had a tape measure to measure my girth. I couldn’t imagine what I have eaten that possibly made me to weigh this much.

I began to recall all that I’ve eaten during the past days when I haven’t been watching my weight. Then it must’ve been that I’ve been eating TOO MUCH! I told myself. Out of depression I drank apple juice right out of the carton.

Then I decided I must go on a diet!

I went back in to measure my baseline weight… Then… what do I get? Only 5 pounds heavier than my usual weight! Which is normal if my GI tract’s lazying off. I rechecked and rechecked. Went back to my room and rechecked on my own scale. SAME RESULT EVERYTIME.

Now what the heck happened to the 10 pounds I was seeing earlier? I could not recreate the amount.

Then I started to remember the once Thai horror movie I watched a long time ago when the man was overweight by a hundred pounds without physically looking heavier… only to discover that…

I rather not think about it.


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