In the End…

IMG_6384In every movie I watch, every book I read or every song I listen to, what moves me the most does not seem to be any part of them filled with intense action or drama in any climatic scenes; rather they seem to contribute to the part where I am most moved… the ending.

Come to think of it, just pondering upon the “what-ifs” of the future, particularly the ending, of one’s life could actually move a person’s emotions and feelings more than any present happenings occurring in one’s reality. In the future, anything can happen; while at present, it just serves as a premonitory sign which can contribute to whatever insight you have fabricated in your life of what it may become of. It’s probably the hypothetical thinking which makes it exhilarating to dwell on sometime… whether or not you’d guess it right… or whether it would go as planned or not.

I may be just speaking for myself right now… After all, most people feel their hearts beat racing at their peak when the drama becomes just too much too handle. As for me, mine thumps for the “what-ifs” after everything has been said and done, and after when the curtains have closed and lights turned off. From how I perceive it, every story would always have an ending just so people can then stop there and move on to whatever else.

Everything, as we all know, has an end. From the books we read, the song we listen to, to the movies we watch and the lives we live… Everything is so short-lived in our transient existence in this vast universe.

For most people, a climatic scene would probably be the most exhilarating, an  intense action and drama part the most moving… But for me it’s rather different; because from how I perceive it, the climax would always just be another step that would contribute to the end… and probably to what more there is after the curtains had closed in a play or after the last page of the book had been turned.

In my eyes, when I see an ending, it just simple doesn’t end there. Even when the screen turns black and the credits roll, I can still imagine everything going on in my mind as if there never were the curtains or  there never  was a last page. It just seems to go on and on…

It’s the same as how I see life as. Even up until death, I can still imagine the legacy of each and every person still living on in people – people they’ve left an imprint on in their hearts. It’s impossible for one’s spirit and soul to be forgotten. Sooner or later, someone’s got to dig it up and rekindle the flame. The forgotten will be once again remembered… and then and there, the person would live once more.

So what is an ending actually like?


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