Never Enough

Is this it? The end?
I have given you my all
It isn’t enough.


Lonesome Fool

Other than himself…
who else does he have?

The lonesome fool’s laughter is heard.

In his solitary state-
that man is an island.

The lonesome fool cries no longer.

Both hands empty;
and his heart as well.

The lonesome fool’s quiet as ever.

Longing for warmth-
from either love or comfort.

The lonesome fool’s sanity’s shaken.

9:30 eve//

just as same as any girl
as normal as any other
stricken with love
as the mind far off wanders

looking for a crack of light
in the dim dark dwelling
searching for a certain warmth
amongst cold chilling

why keep persistence
in a vague certainty
is all in the heart
in faith in her destiny

resounding waves of anguish
tap against the pavement still
beating the heart strings to sing
as to cover the void to fill

will forever lurk in abyssmal state
as the grieving soul in her pain
continuing on her quest
as sure as love’s existent bane.

and i turn to myself to reflect
if what i saw in my own sea was real
sharp shattering in lonesome quirk
of how one differs from what another feels

in dismal fear and calmness
and in my sad state,
i bow low my head
in acceptance of my fate.
February 21, 2005